Microsoft’s offshoot Microsoft Health Futures, is a cross-organizational incubation group that includes programs in biomedical technologies such as natural language processing, imaging, machine learning and immunomics to name a few. One of the primary brains behind this organization is the Managing Director, Desney S. Tan. A man with a rich history in computer science, and having collected many deserved accolades and awards, he promises dedication and innovation. Let’s take a quick look at what makes Desney S. Tan a thought leader in the industry today.

Desney was born and raised in the Republic of Singapore. He moved to the United…

(Design Fiction)

It is the year 2050. The world is plagued by frequent pandemic, and globalization is cancelled.

The Earth has moved from a hotbed of intercultural trade and commerce to new individualized nations each with their own individual economic motives.

One of these nations is the new United State. It was formed in the English speaking region previously known as the United States of America. Due to the adverse effects of global warming which played out in the first quarter of the century, much of the coastal and desert regions of the land suffered grave consequences in the form…

Strappy dresses, over-sized sweaters and high-rise jeans are among some of the trendiest clothing items this past year, and every year the number of trends that gloss our magazine covers continues to grow. With this, not only do we see a dynamic and booming fashion industry which influences culture and lifestyle globally, but also a fast-fashion empire that may be demanding the resources necessary to support these trends in a highly unsustainable way. …

Vidya Golla

Hi! I am an artist and entrepreneur in Philly with a love for art and the great outdoors :)

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